Croesus Vole finds gold in the beavers' dam. To demolish the dam and get the gold he tricks the witch's daughter Lova to conjure Bamse away. With Bamse gone, it's up to the children to help each other to stop Croesus - but to do that, they have to get along.

Genres: Family, animation
Distributor: Nordisk Film
Director: Christian Ryltenius, Maria Blom
Cast: Jussi Vatanen, Juha Muje, Markus Bäckman, Saana Norra, Petri Hanttu, Antti Timonen, Ia Koivisto, Sari Ann Stolt, Aku Laitinen, Sasu Moilanen, Peter Kanerva, Sampo Kovalainen, Tero

Release Date: 14.4.2017
Length: 1h 06 min
Rating: S